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Referral Partner Hub

only for HighLevel™

We are only offering a 100% White Label Version.

Referral Partner Hub for


For Agencies whose clients

need to provide

real time tracking for

referral leads.

1) Clients sign up Referral Partners

2) Referral Partners get access to a Referral Partner Hub

3) The Hub allows them to:

  • Submit referrals under their unique Referral ID
  • Check status of all their referral leads
  • Track Opportunities
  • Track Pipeline Value
  • Track Conversion Rate

Client sends a sign up form to the Referral Partner. The Partner then fills out the form

and Creates their Referral ID

(their email address)

The Referral Partner enters their Referral ID

(usually their email address)

and submits a lead.

Inside the Referral Partner Hub the Agency or Client can provide access to various partner resources like Lead Submittal Forms, Lead Status Dashboard and more.

Clients that have access to HighLevel can see all the leads in the Opportunity Pipeline

and who referred them.

Referral Partners can use their referral ID to view the Referral Partner Hub where they can only see the leads attached to their Referral ID and what Pipeline Stage the leads are in.

View Dashboard Analytics for their leads

Track Opportunities

Track Pipeline Value

Track Conversion Rate





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